Supervised parenting time, commonly referred to as supervised visitation, affords parents who are involved in high conflict divorce matters or other high risk situations the ability to see their children in a safe but supervised setting.  Supervised visitation gives a noncustodial parent the ability to spend time with a child when supervision by another adult is required.  Supervised parenting time affords protection for a minor child where dangerous or unhealthy issues may exist, and allows a parent access to a child and helps strengthen and stabilize the parent-child relationship.

TJN Supervision Specialists in Denver was created as a supervised parenting time service provider in the Denver Metropolitan area.  Through the "Partners in Resolution" program, parenting time sessions are conducted in the community in general, resulting in an increased level of comfort for both the parent and the minor child.  This increased comfort level allows the relationship between the parent and the child to solidify and be preserved. We are the premier supervised visitation providers in the state of Colorado.

Tom Nellessen has put together a group of individuals who all have the same goal: protecting children from being placed in the middle of their parents' conflicts.  From a practical side, we all have been through this difficult period of time with our own parents.  We have taken our experiences as children; together with our education and life experiences, and we have come together to serve the needs of children and families with our unique supervised parenting time program.   


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Our goal is to ensure that each child has the ability to see both parents during a family's most difficult times.


We provide supervised parenting time sessions to help ensure that the parent-child relationships between children and both parents are preserved.



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TJN Supervision Specialists in Denver is a family owned and operated supervised parenting time service that has been providing supervised parenting time in the Denver metropolitan area since 1996. We are the model for off-site parenting time supervision programs in Colorado.  With our community based supervised parenting time programs, clients and their children are more at ease.  These more natural settings are the key to the success of TJN Supervision Specialists.