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preserving relationships

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In today's society, situations do arise that result in the partial or complete limitation of parenting time between a child and a parent.  This limitation may significantly impair the minor child's relationship with that parent and with other people who have been an important part of the child's life.

Parenting time limitations can result from a number of different types of cases.  These limitations may be the result of restraining orders or protection orders in Child abuse cases, Domestic violence cases or dissolution of marriages.

The objective of TJN Supervision Specialists is to ensure that the relationships between children and their parents are protected during such times of turmoil and conflict.  During high conflict times, parents have a tendency to concentrate more on their personal battles and fail to keep the children, and their relationships in the fore-front.

Although limitations or restrictions may be placed on an individual’s parenting time with a minor child, that does not mean that the parent-child relationship should be reviewed as secondary in nature. At TJN Supervision Specialists, we believe that every parent-child relationship should be preserved to the fullest.

Additionally,  TJN Supervision Specialists believes that the relationships between children and other members of the family (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.), or with those persons who are important to the child should also be preserved and protected.  To ensure that these relationships are protected, we allow for family member and "important person" involvement after the first two parenting time sessions.  A  child's relationship with extended family and friends should not be minimized just because the parents are going through difficult times.

To assist in preserving the relationships between children and their parents, all supervised parenting time sessions are conducted in natural, safe and healthy environments.  This allows a parent and child to spend quality time together during difficult time periods.   TJN Supervision Specialists   developed its “Partners In Resolution” program for this very purpose.