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supervised parenting time 

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TJN Supervision Specialists provided numerous services to and for its client base. Our years of service to the community and to families specifically has helped us perfect our methods of parenting-time supervision and investigation.  Our company is dedicated to providing the most comfortable settings for our services, and we strive to eliminate the additional stress that is associated with supervised parenting-time and C.F.I. investigations. Please contact us for more info.   

1.  Intake Interview:   To determine the appropriate level of supervision needed and the level of conflict present in each case. (Application fee - $45.00)

 2.   Supervised Parenting Time:   Allows for staff members to closely supervise parents and their children in a safe and natural environment.  Parenting time sessions may take place in the home of parent or at some other age appropriate location.

 3. Sliding Payment Scale:   A sliding scale is used to determine the payment rate for parenting time services.  The payment scale ranges from $60.00 to $125.00 per hour.

4.  Court Testimony:    Staff will testify as to parenting time sessions.

5.  Expert Witness Testimony:   Thomas J. Nellessen has been qualified as an expert witness in several courts in the Denver Metropolitan area.  He has testified as an expert witness in the fields of parent/child relationships, parent/child interactions and general parent/child supervision.

6.  Spanish Speaking Services:  We now provide Spanish speaking services throughout the front range.

 "Something is drastically wrong when you are more interested in the athlete on television then the child in your living room."