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Serving Colorado for over 25 years!

TJN Supervision Specialists is the innovator and leader in off-site visitation services.  Ensuring that family relationships between children and their parents are preserved is our ultimate goal.  


to preserve the parent-child relationship during a family's most difficult times.

Therese nellessen

Providing services since 2002
Position: Owner/Co-Director

Therese is the guiding light behind TJN Supervision.  Her creative manner of working with children has become the focal point of how our parenting time sessions are conducted.

tom nellessen

Providing services since 1991
Position: Owner/Director
​​Tom has been working with children in the legal system since 1991.  His dedication to children and preserving the important relationships in their lives is what drives TJN Supervision.

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Veronica Bell

Cameron Edwards

Alexia Graves

Mika La


Providing services since 2013

Position: Assistant Director and Lead Supervisor

Jessica has been an intrical part of TJN Supervision.  Her enthusiasm and work ethic has guided TJN Supervision to new heights.

Parenting Time Supervisors

supervised parenting time in colorado

“The manner in which we provide supervised parenting time services makes it comfortable for all involved. So it is easy to say that TJN Supervision is the right choice.”

Therese Nellessen

TJN Supervision Specialists

After approximately ten years of representing the interests of children in Divorce, Dependency and Neglect, and Juvenile cases, Tom Nellessen of the Nellessen Law Office saw an opportunity to take supervised parenting time to the next level.  The “Partners In Resolution” program that has been developed by Tom and Therese Nellessen and TJN  Supervision Specialists has accomplished that goal.

Thomas J. Nellessen, the founder and co-director of TJN Supervision Specialists, is a1987 graduate of Metropolitan State College in Denver, where he received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice.  Mr. Nellessen is also a 1990 graduate of Northern Illinois University, College of Law.

Thomas J. Nellessen is a practicing attorney in the state of Colorado. Prior to 1996, much of Mr. Nellessen's legal practice has focused on representing children in Divorce and Social Services type cases.   When the Guardian ad Litem laws changed, TJN Supervision Specialists was created.  As a result of his past legal practice, his supervision experience and his prior testimony in courts across the Denver Metro area, Mr. Nellessen has been qualified as an expert witness in the areas of Parent-Child Supervision, Parent-Child Interactions, and Parent-Child Relationships.

Thomas J. Nellessen has also provided Child-Family Investigator (CFI) services throughout the Denver Metro area.  Mr. Nellessen has completed the state required 40 hour C.F.I training program.  Mr. Nellessen uses his past Guardian ad Litem and Special Advocate experience, together with the skills that he has developed through his supervised parenting time program to provide the court with C.F.I. reports that focus on family relationships and family dynamics.  Clearly, the best way to get to know a family is to spend a significant amount of time with each family.  This investigation method gives the court a clear picture of the family dynamics and the family relationships involved in each specific case. Through Mr. Nellessen's techniques, the court receives a more complete "practical" picture of each family unit instead of a picture based on testing and minimal family contacts.